My korean skincare routine : Experience and review


Hello beauties!!

Here comes another overdue article about my current Korean skincare routine (since most of the products I use are originally from Korean brands). I disappeared for that long in order to be able to try all the products well enough (it has been over two months) to give you an insight about the performance of each one of them. To be honest, my skin condition improved a lot after starting this new skincare regimen.

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[Book Haul] My first Order from TwoChois !!


Hello Everyone!

Before I get started with my review I would like to apologize for my long absence, these two recent months were pretty hectic [Mid-term exams, the new year celebration and so many events] I have several pending reviews so I’ll do my best to post each one of them the sooner I can.

Now, let’s get into the real business 😀 Today I’ll be posting an overall review (that was meant to be posted a month and a half ago T.T) about my experience with TwoChois‘ online store as well as the Order I got [Prepare yourselves for my long speech ^^]

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Let’s talk : How to survive a korean horror tale?


Celebrating a specific day of the year is not needed in order t put some dark chilling tales under the spotlight ! You may have noticed that south korean don’t go all crazy over halloween preparations the way westerners do. WHY? Well, every single night, and every single dark hallway is an invitation to this enigmatic dark “maze” of urban legends.

Feeling the chills already? Here is a simple guide on how to survive those scary stories …

ps : I wrote this article just for fun, so don’t take these statements seriously ^^

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ETUDEHOUSE.COM Global : Make your skin moistful event !


I was checking my Email this morning and WOUHOUUU Look at what I found ! 😀

If you’re new to Etude House‘s Global website, you should absolutely go check it out now ! They just launched two AMAZING events in addition to Paypal event ! Curious? read more down below !

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Let’s talk : Korean skin care routine

Actress Cheon Song Yi (Gianna jun) for TheFaceShop...isn't she gorgeous?

Hello Hello dear readers!!

So… Lately, I’ve been reading a lot (like A LOT) about the famous korean skincare routine. I ended up spending an entire day going from a website to another and giiiirl !! It seemed like opening Pandora’s box (the other way of course ^^)

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Is it some kind of a magic wand effect?

This is a drawing I made inspired by the korean drama "Love Rain"

This is a drawing I made inspired by the korean drama “Love Rain”

It’s raining beautifully outside right now, and the thing I love the most about those drops is that symphony that echoes inside my head. It’s a symphony played by these magical falling drops, a spell that makes my inspiration flow and make me believe once again in the magic and the miracle of this one thing called “life” Continue reading

A new name : The Korean maze

Ahh!! it has been a headache somehow..finding the right name is definitely not as easy as it seems. After giving it a thought for about a month I finally came up with a name that matches my messy mind and my crazy personality.

A “maze” ! this is how I feel deep inside whenever I try to come up with an idea to create something ^^ adding korean to it makes it even more meaningful to me.

now it’s time to say goodbye to HyeMie’s Quiet corner T.T (

Anyway, I hope you like the new name.

Have a nice day 🙂