[Etude House] Rosy Tint Lip review

Etude House Rosy Tint Lip

Here again, this is my first time trying to review a beauty product, I’m actually planning to make beauty and book reviews in the near future I just have to get things prepared. Sorry for my clumsy words, and HELLO Beauties !!

In this post I’ll be reviewing one of the products that got me into the magical world of Etude House >w<

When I first read about this product on their website and on some other online shops I wasn’t expecting much from it, because I’ve been through some cases where I was disappointed seeing that some products claims don’t always meet my expectations..I’m glad it wasn’t the case with this one product ^^ so let’s start our review *drums drums*

Claims : Creamy texture, which is like matte lipstick is melted. It softly covers lips, to express attractive rosy color.Creamy coverage, high color, velvet matte finish.


Awww what can I say about this cute packaging? It stands out for itself!! It was actually the main reason why I decided to try this product…look at these flowers! Dot make you feel like a real princess or some character in a fairy tale?

sorry if the packaging seems a tiny bit damaged..I’ve been using the product for 6 months before reviewing it and tried to keep the packaging in its best shape ^^

Not to mention the fact that it has English description, which is really great for someone who doesn’t have a clue when it come to reading hangul

The rosy tint lip comes with a squeeze tube packaging that has a sponge tip applicator. Though many of you will have mixed feelings about this sponge applicator I must say that I absolutely loved it ‘cause it makes blending easier so you don’t have to use your fingers. As for hygienic purposes, you can take off the applicator and wash it off .

The only thing that makes this experience a little bit inconvenient is that the tube is hard to squeeze but no worries you’ll get used to it the more you use it

sponge applicator

The original picture is from [musingofamuse] I only did the editing part

It has a creamy texture and the color is very pigmented which is perfect for me, it has a matte finish which is another thing I love about this product. However providing you a matte finish means that it dries out your lips a tiny bit so you need to moisturize your lips before using the rosy tint lips.

If there’s something that I don’t like about this product it would be the long lasting power, as it lasts for like 1 hour or two so you’ll have to reapply it several times to keep it fresh

ps : sorry if I didn’t post some swatches it’s because I used the entire product T.T

Would I purchase it again? Definitely !!

Where? go to this awesome website ibuybeauti

pros banner

Cute packaging

Very pigmented

It gives a matte finish

cons banner

Hard to squeeze

Long lasting power


Have you tried the Rosy tint lips? How did you find it?

have a sweet day


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