Is it some kind of a magic wand effect?

This is a drawing I made inspired by the korean drama "Love Rain"

This is a drawing I made inspired by the korean drama “Love Rain”

It’s raining beautifully outside right now, and the thing I love the most about those drops is that symphony that echoes inside my head. It’s a symphony played by these magical falling drops, a spell that makes my inspiration flow and make me believe once again in the magic and the miracle of this one thing called “life”

A slight rain comes, bathed in dawn lights

I hear it among treetop leaves before mist

arrives. Soon it sprinkles the soil and,

windblown, follows clouds away. Deepened

colors grace thatch homes for a moment.

Flocks and herds of things wild glisten

faintly. Then the scent of musk opens across

half a mountain… and lingers on past noon

                                                        [DuFu- Morning rain]

It’s one of my favorite poems written by DuFu, one of my favorite ancient chinese poets, you may have heard of him. If not, I recommend discovering his masterpieces!!

Don’t you feel like dancing under rain when everyone is running away from it in the streets? I do that whenever I have the chance, it gives you a fresh warm sensation and it will make you smile for sure (hihihi don’t be afraid of getting sick!! go for it!!)

I was inspired by Cristian Mihai‘s blog that I discovered today by chance, I’m glad I did ^-^ you should check out his amazing posts !!

I’m listening right now to Roy Kim’s new album “home” while writing this post and with this beautiful weather, the experience feels much more exciting and warm 🙂

what do you like to do on a rainy day?


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