Let’s talk : Korean skin care routine

Actress Cheon Song Yi (Gianna jun) for TheFaceShop...isn't she gorgeous?

Hello Hello dear readers!!

So… Lately, I’ve been reading a lot (like A LOT) about the famous korean skincare routine. I ended up spending an entire day going from a website to another and giiiirl !! It seemed like opening Pandora’s box (the other way of course ^^)

the reason behind this long exciting journey was the fact that my skin is experiencing environmental stress very often and I end up having some irritated spots or redness when I wake up and wash my face, I have few pimples that show up sometimes (you know that time of the month kekeke) Other than that I’m fine.

Another reason why I started googling korean skin routine was Korean women flawless and bright skin, whenever I watch a drama or a movie I’m astonished seeing actresses like Lee Il hwa who is 42 y.o (if you watched reply 1994, she Na Jung’s mother) wow I can’t even tell she’s 42!! (Oh don’t you think she’s so pretty and very young for her age >w<)

Lee Il Hwa in "You who came from the stars"

Lee Il Hwa in “You who came from the stars”

Why should you go for it?

Anyway, it may seem odd or too much when you first hear about the HOLY 10 or 17 steps (not really sure I guess it depends on your preferences, and your budget of course!!!) but let me tell you this; the more your read about it, the more you’ll realize how this routine will benefit your skin (this is my modest opinion). Just ask yourself this one question : Describe your night skin care care routine. I barely follow two steps : washing my face and applying some Argan oil afterward and that’s it!!! (Argan oil really does wonders I’ll talk about it later on) T.T

I think the issue here is that, unlike Korea, we don’t have a skincare culture, this is why we see it as a “no-no” or “too much”, we’re hiding behind the LAZINESS excuse..so why don’t you take a step ahead and give it a try? it’s hard at first but it’s worth the try (and it won’t take much time it’s only 13-20 min)

Another point is, instead of investing in a good BB cream or foundation, be generous with your skincare and try to avoid using foundation, BB or CC creams on a daily basis!! you’ll notice a huge difference [I usually don’t use foundation or any of the products listed earlier I only put on my sunscreen and that’s it!! foundation is for special occasions, I think this is the reason why I don’t suffer from severe acne or such ^^]… Still not convinced? I’ll be the living proof (I hope so :D) after starting this skincare routine I’ll try posting before/after pictures and keep you updated!

Ingredients? is that important?

YES IT IS ! You should be well aware of the importance of taking an in depth critical look at the ingredients list, there are many websites helping you understand the different compositions such as COSDNA or SKINDEEP , because sometimes, behind those fancy looking products many demons are hiding, so you act based on your concerns and your skin type.

So now, let’s move to the real business!! I’ll give you a brief summary of a typical korean skincare routine => Follow this link to have a look : ASIAN SKINCARE ROUTINE

As for my choices of the products, I had a huge crush on Benton‘s skincare line. for those who don’t know anything about it, it’s a korean brand that targets people having troubled skin, using snail and other beneficial ingredients, their main concern is making effective products that won’t cause skin irritations (Ah I fell in love with their ingredients list for their different products as well as many positive reviews online) if you’re interested you can read more on Kerry’s blog she had an interview with the founders of Benton (she also reviewed their products). Besides Benton I’ll be using Pure Heal’s Propolis Ampoule as a part of the routine (since I’m on a tight budget I still haven’t purchased any of those products but don’t worry! I’ll keep you updated!!! ^w^)


In case you’re wondering where to purchase these products I found a website that has pretty reasonable prices and YES ! THE SHIPPING IS FREE ! (expect lots of samples with your orders ^^)

you can register HERE if you enter the code 167106211 in the registration form you’ll get a 5 dollars discount on your purchase !

What do you think about korean skincare? does it sound appealing to you? if you’re following one, did you notice any changes? tell me about your favorite products ^^ (I always love to hear different opinions and propositions)

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