[Book Haul] My first Order from TwoChois !!


Hello Everyone!

Before I get started with my review I would like to apologize for my long absence, these two recent months were pretty hectic [Mid-term exams, the new year celebration and so many events] I have several pending reviews so I’ll do my best to post each one of them the sooner I can.

Now, let’s get into the real business 😀 Today I’ll be posting an overall review (that was meant to be posted a month and a half ago T.T) about my experience with TwoChois‘ online store as well as the Order I got [Prepare yourselves for my long speech ^^]

If some of you have read my very first post on this blog, you will remember me mentioning something about wanting to pursue a Master degree in a korean university, I also wanted to get it all together and study korean language in order to pass the TOPIK exam…Unfortunately, after contacting the korean embassy in my country about this matter (in case you are wondering I’m from Morocco ^^) I learned that TOPIK is not held there and that I will have to travel overseas if I wish to take this exam O.O So I came up with the decision to go ahead with my self-learning journey and postpone the TOPIK ‘project’ I had on my mind until I figure out a solution…

Moving back to the review ^^ TwoChois is an online store that offers a variety of korean books for us (thirsty learners) to purchase 😀 not only they’re selling those typical korean textbooks but you can also find some cooking books, comics, short stories, cultural books and so on… if you’re looking for something that is not on their website you can always make some sort of a special order and ask them for the item you need.

What about TwoChois‘ Customer service?

So, Customer service is what I loved the most about the entire experience! TwoChois‘ staff know how to take care of their customers..To put you into the right context, Imagine yourself in some luxurious Spa having all these masseuses taking extra care of all your needs, this is exactly how I felt after the endless requests I sent them at that time.

I had several issues with my local banks concerning the bank deposit method [not to mention the fact that it was almost impossible to fix another issue related to paypal] and was going back and forth for a month just to solve this problem. Fortunately, and thanks to a friend’s help, I finally got everything settled. During that (stormy and windy) period of time, I kept contacting TwoChois’ staff and not only their replies were super fast but they replied to every single email I sent..A HUGE THANKS to you for the hard work you put in!!

Shipping ?

TwoChois ships WORLDWIDE so you don’t have to worry about that, after I confirmed my order it was shipped within 24 hours and the surprising fact was that, during the holiday season (I placed my order around Nov 26th-27th), orders via airmail take quite some time but I was super lucky and got my package within 10 days after I got a call from the post office about a certain package I thought they made a mistake until I have been told that it was from Korea. so I went right after that call to the post office to have my package examined by customs employee.


Everything was nicely wrapped and put together perfectly ! I am sorry I couldn’t take a picture because I had the package opened up at the post office (regular checkouts) he only left two books wrapped (After he saw my eyes screaming out PLEASE LET THEM BE ㅋㅋㅋ)

Here are the books I ordered :


Korean Grammar in Use- Beginning ( 23USD )

Complete guide to the TOPIK 6 Basic (18 USD) I chose the older topik guide for the simple reason that, the older format seems more challenging compared to the new one (I am talking here about the beginning stage) the newer edition of TOPIK doesn’t include the writing section and I needed to practice writing even if it’s not a part of it 😀

Sogang Korean Compact Series 1 (30 USD)

In addition to these books I also ordered :


        Palm Korean-English Mini Flashcard for Beginners (18 USD) 

        Hangeul Keyboard Sticker (4 USD) They didn’t have these stickers on their website, but I’m glad they did so upon many customers requests including mine.

         Shipping fees were slightly high considering the order’s weight, it cost around 62 USD T.T



And the extras ^^ Thank you for these wonderful gifts :


Two High Cut Issues (recent ones of course) aaaaah and it happened to be my ultimate Bias T.O.P and Lee min ho not to mention Go Ara’s photoshoot I really really love her ( I will be posting some other pictures later)


A very lovely notebook, I am a huge fan of galactic patterns so that notebook was a perfect holiday gift ^^


and last but not least, this handwritten note that I loved the most ^^ you can see them mentioning the fact that I have finally made it hahahhaha and you know the reason why




Once again, I thank these amazing people A LOT and I would definitely repurchase from them, it was a very delightful experience, what about yours?

Ps : Stay tuned for separate reviews of these books I am still using them now to see how things work and will try to give you and in depth insight about my experience 


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