My korean skincare routine : Experience and review


Hello beauties!!

Here comes another overdue article about my current Korean skincare routine (since most of the products I use are originally from Korean brands). I disappeared for that long in order to be able to try all the products well enough (it has been over two months) to give you an insight about the performance of each one of them. To be honest, my skin condition improved a lot after starting this new skincare regimen.

To begin with, I have a very sensitive and reactive skin, with redness and few pimples that love to pay me visits every month or so, which makes it hard for me to pick up products to use on daily basis. Therefore, I am very careful and picky when it comes to ingredients ( I may tolerate few –not so good- ingredients sometimes). As I mentioned in a previous article on my blog, I was super excited to try out Benton skincare line and now that I’m using them I can’t express how much I loved the effect they had on my skin. So without further due, let’s get into the real business 😀 (ouah! I just use that expression a lot lol)

IMG_0945The first and most important step in this entire routine is cleansing, I’ve been reading a lot about double cleansing benefits and from my own humble experience I agree with every statement I read before. I don’t wear any makeup throughout the day, except for my -waterproof- sunscreen. For that reason, I chose Bioderma’s micellar water and Oh my God! I have fallen in love with it ever since (I even got the 500ml version ^^) it’s very gentle on the skin, it doesn’t leave a sticky or oily residue, and it doesn’t give me a burning sensation around my eyes area. However, if you’re planning to use it to remove waterproof eye makeup you will be a little bit disappointed, you will need to wipe it out several times before getting done with it.

For my cleansing foam I also chose another Bioderma product, I guess I am falling in love more and more with this brand ^^ I have tried many foam cleansers before but I always had an issue with their efficiency when it comes to cleaning and being gentle and less irritating. Bioderma’s foaming cleanser broke all the rules and became my favorite ever since. It has fragrance, which was a bit too strong for me ‘cause I usually don’t use products with fragrance on their ingredients list, but you gotta make exceptions sometimes right? For foam and bubbles lovers, you may not like that product, it the less foamy cleanser I have ever used.

IMG_0948Next step is exfoliation, it’s not something you should be doing on a daily basis, once or twice a week is sufficient. For that I use Innisfree’s super volcanic pore clay mask.. Oh! It has been my holy grail since last year! I love the ingredients list, the efficiency, how gentle is it on my skin. I have already ordered my second jar ^^ don’t be fooled by the size of this jar, it may look quite small but a little goes a long way. I will be posting a full review about it soon, so stay tuned!

IMG_0950Now that you’re done with the cleansing/exfoliating, your skin must be ready for the following steps. For that purpose, a good toner gets the job done! Western toners (most of them if not all) are well known for their harsh ingredients unlike the Korean ones… being the picky person I am, I had to go through a long “googling “journey to find the toner with more natural less harmful ingredients and I had a crush on Benton skincare line for that specific reason. Benton’s BHA toner has no smell which is a plus ^^ it’s very gentle and absorbs quickly! I use the essence afterward, I am not quite sure about it, it’s not that nourishing but it does wonders when it comes to healing –in no time- those monthly unwanted visitors.


The next two products did not work well for me despite the multiple positive reviews I read about them. Pure heal’s propolis 90 ampoule was my very favorite product in the entire routine, I loved its fresh herbal smell, its composition that is mostly natural and how moisturizing and nourishing it was. However, I experienced some terrible breakouts after a month of use, I really didn’t want it to be the cause but after cutting it out for three days they were all gone, so I think it was some sort of allergic reaction to a specific ingredient… I already ordered my second bottle T,T I will try to use it only once a week or so.

IMG_0961The other product I was really disappointed with is Mizon’s snail repair eye cream, the minute I put it on I got burning sensation all around my eye area it didn’t go away until I wiped off the product 😥 so I ended up using it for my hands (it did an amazing job on them btw)

The last product in my skincare routine is Benton’s snail bee high content steam cream. I love how moisturizing it is without feeling sticky or heavy unlike several reviews complaining about its consistency and its texture I think this product absorbs well when used after your toner, my skin feels smooth. Hmm as for moisturizing I must say that I loved Pure heals propolis ampoule seeing that it was way more moisturizing than this cream ^^

An extra : Korea is definitely samples heaven 😀 I ordered these products from W2BEAUTY except for the propolis ampoule that I got from IBUYBEAUTI, here are the freebies I received (The snail sheet mask -blue one- and Mioggi’s samples were from ibuybeauti, the rest was from w2beauty ^^ you can see how much samples they were 😀 )


I hope this mini review gave you an idea about what to choose for your next purchase ^^, I will be posting detailed reviews for each product so stay tuned!!

If you’re wondering where you can get these products, check out these stores :

W2beauty : Click Here , you can get 5$ discount if you enter the code “167106211″ in the registration form

ibuybeauti : Click Here


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