Let’s talk : How to survive a korean horror tale?


Celebrating a specific day of the year is not needed in order t put some dark chilling tales under the spotlight ! You may have noticed that south korean don’t go all crazy over halloween preparations the way westerners do. WHY? Well, every single night, and every single dark hallway is an invitation to this enigmatic dark “maze” of urban legends.

Feeling the chills already? Here is a simple guide on how to survive those scary stories …

ps : I wrote this article just for fun, so don’t take these statements seriously ^^

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Is it some kind of a magic wand effect?

This is a drawing I made inspired by the korean drama "Love Rain"

This is a drawing I made inspired by the korean drama “Love Rain”

It’s raining beautifully outside right now, and the thing I love the most about those drops is that symphony that echoes inside my head. It’s a symphony played by these magical falling drops, a spell that makes my inspiration flow and make me believe once again in the magic and the miracle of this one thing called “life” Continue reading

A new name : The Korean maze

Ahh!! it has been a headache somehow..finding the right name is definitely not as easy as it seems. After giving it a thought for about a month I finally came up with a name that matches my messy mind and my crazy personality.

A “maze” ! this is how I feel deep inside whenever I try to come up with an idea to create something ^^ adding korean to it makes it even more meaningful to me.

now it’s time to say goodbye to HyeMie’s Quiet corner T.T (hyemie.wordpress.com)

Anyway, I hope you like the new name.

Have a nice day 🙂

Mastering all my powers to fight my laziness

I’m not a blogger or someone who loves to keep track of every single detail through writing notes or anything like that (I should give that problem a serious thought! )..But considering the fact that I enjoy spending time reading other people’s posts I decided to join the ride and enjoy the fresh breeze as well…

My first post is certainly a mess, it’s really hard to start filling the blank space it sounds like a scene from a scary movie T.T. I made this blog in order to get myself to work harder on my korean instead of playing the usual hide and seek and get lost into the infinite laziness loop.

I’m planning to take the TOPIK test this year (crossing my fingers for luck) so I can apply for a master in SNU (seoul national uni) crossing my LEGS this time for double-luck pwahahahahhaha

I’m so in love with asian culture in general, I love every single aspect of it…In fact I feel like an ahjumma most of the time seeing how much I go crazy when it comes to Historical dramas, reading about different dynasties and kings that ruled back in time…

see how crazy I can be sometimes? 😀 trying to make timelines for different dynasties that one belongs to Goryeo’s 😀 still have to add two more rulers there

Okay enough random talk, I hope our journey together will be a pleasant one and that we’ll get to know each other, encourage each other and take the MAGICAL train ^^